5 Facts About Cycling In San Francisco

Hey, it’s time to pump up those tires because this is San Francisco, one of the biggest homes of cycling. For the new guys, you need to dust off your friend’s old Schwinn from the religious bike commuter and join in this fun activity.

Of course, there are lots of people biking in San Francisco. So before rolling in for cycling in San Francisco, here are 5 facts about cycling in San Francisco you need to know.

1. Cycling still remains the best option to get around San Francisco.

Of course, this is so true. With our wild climate, huge biking culture and lots of bike lanes crisscrossing most neighborhoods, cycling is the most interesting way of commuting.

2. I bet the Wiggle will be your best friend.

Searching for the perfect, less hilly crosstown route? Well, you don’t have to look any further than the wiggle. Wiggle starts in Duboce Triangle, winding up to the panhandle with no hills on the way. Sounds magical! Just follow the green arrows.

3. Ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, at least once.

There is a nice riding in Marin and it’s really worth the harrowing cycling across the golden gate. Of course, there are great headwinds and numerous tourists, but also a big vista. Hope you remember, it’s our bridge, just do it! Bike sides are always open on weekends and as well available after 3 pm on weekdays. Okay, another fact: it is also open at night, just hit the right button on the gate to gain access.

4. The best routes that aren’t the Wiggle:

All the way from Castro to potrero, 17th street is blessed with a newly paved bike lane. That’s great! Fell and oak have newly separated bike lanes getting between the panhandle and wiggle. Going through the outer avenue, Kirkham is great! Both the 14th street and Valencia have “green waves”. You’ll certainly enjoy a smooth ride!

5. San Francisco cyclists aren’t all the same.

People of different ages and demographics are known to ride in San Francisco. Getting to SF, you will see different parents riding with their kids, and in fact one in three riders in San Francisco are women.

There are several Energizer Stations all set up in the city. Locate the nearest one and pedal by for some info and bike schwag. Honestly, San Francisco reigns supreme in the aspect of city bike riders. Lots and lots of people are moving in to catch the excitement and be a part of the fun. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you are a part of them?

Top 7 Benefits Of Cycling For Fitness

cycling for fitness

Those who own a bike know how fantastic it is and those who do not have one are missing out.

Cycling has many health advantages, even if you aren’t training hard. It is even good for regular people who are in need of losing some extra weight. If you want to train hard for sport, consult Piranha Sports Fitness. Cycling is popular in many parts of the world and kids as well as parents take pleasure in this wonderful sporting activity.

1. Helps you drop lose extra weight

Firstly, cycling can aid people to lose those extra weight. It is a fun experience that can make people healthy and awaken their senses. A regular cycling routine can also decrease the chances of individuals getting heart problems, obesity, and elevated blood pressure. Cycling offers a great way to improve movement and balance.

Keeping a proper balance between the body and the bicycle aids to strengthen and tighten core muscles of the abdomen. Moreover, cycling also aids to release daily stress. After an exhausting day at work, individuals can take time out in the evening and admire the beauty of nature as they go out cycling.

2. Improves mental health

Riding a bicycle promotes mental health, improves mood, decreases the level of depression and increases self-esteem. Regular riding also helps people to gain strength and agility. The best thing is that people of all ages can take part in this beautiful sport. Riding a bicycle is easy on the joints and does not cause aches and pains. Cycling is the answer for people who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Regular riding also helps to keep blood pressure normal. Individuals who perform cycling regularly or weekly basis experience increased perseverance and strength. Strong stamina is necessary to complete everyday tasks effortlessly. In addition to reducing calories, it also helps to boost metabolism which further aids in weight loss.

3. Improves your cardiovascular system

It is natural that paddling cycle regularly for fifteen minutes makes you breathe heavily, but don’t panic it is good for your health. As optimum is a result of breathing heavily. A cyclist can hopefully increase the HDL (good cholesterol) and reduces the number of triglycerides in the blood. It means that there is an improvement in your cardiovascular disease. And having you cardiovascular improved is the proper indication for your heart as it leads to decrease the chances of heart blockage and stroke.
Cycling’s practice means making an effort to eliminate fats.

4. Helps people of all ages to develop their strength

Cycling is the simplest of all types of exercises that can help people of all ages to develop their strength and get physically fit. It is one of the greatest ways to eliminate problems such as stress, depression, overweight and other health conditions. Cycling offers a great chance to people to maintain their health without going through extreme exercises. Health should be the priority of humans, and there is no easier way than riding a bicycle to maintain good health. Moreover, it helps people to live long and contributes to a healthy heart.

5. Helps burn fat

Remarkably, cycling burns fats after the workout. So if you have fed up with the fats, you certainly need to experience cycle practice. Moreover, Cycling builds stamina. It is only so because a person who cycles forgets the longer distance he has covered as it enjoys him. It provides strength in a holistic manner. So while cycling your every single part of the body should be involved.

6. Helps burn calories

In addition to this, cycling also helps burns your calories. If a cyclist steadily paddles the cycle is supposed to eat approximately 300 calories per hour. It means that riding cycle for 30 minutes means burning averagely 11 pounds of fats per year. A regular cycling is also a good approach to reduce your stress and anxiety.

7. Reduces sugar level

It would be amazing to know that a cyclist can claim the life-threaten disease such as cancer and diabetes. You can’t believe that diabetes being the silence killer will remain the silence throughout the whole life as cycling reduces the sugar level in the body. Apart from these it also miraculously and surprisingly helps in many ways.